Sadie_2 Sean and I are going away overnight on Saturday to visit friends. They have a baby and a dog already so I figured if at all possible, I’d try to leave Sadie behind (I know, look at that face. It’s amazing I get to work every morning!)

Rather than spend 45 minutes driving her to my aunt’s house (which is in the wrong direction anyway), I’m paying the neighbor’s kid to watch her. $25 will allow Sadie to stay in her own house and put some money in a kid’s pocket. It’s what I’d pay to leave her at a kennel anyway.

I’m hoping that he likes doing this so that whenever I want to leave, I don’t have to start going through my address book desperate for a puppy sitter. And knowing I have someone I can count on, I may actually leave a little more often. Sorry Sadie, momma needs a life.

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