Cheap Healthy Good had a letter to her younger self this week that made me laugh… and think about what I'd say to my twelve year old self.

Dear Nicole,

I know you are really expecting some divine intervention in the way of instruction as to what you're supposed to do with your life. You are figuring that Bernadette peasant chick from long-time-ago France got a sign from God and that you should get one too, gosh darn it. Let's just say either God's really subtle or that it's not happening. And that's ok.

I know this because I am you, only years into the future. I'm the 27 year old you more specifically. Don't worry, that's not nearly as old as you think. You know that list that you made of things to accomplish by the time you were 25? The list is still in your mind but you really need to give yourself more time to get there. You have, however, crossed a few things off the list. You've learned French and you are kind of a writer. I'll get to that in a little bit.

So you've just consulted a fortune teller you met in Old Orchard Beach on the last family vacation who told you 1) That you'd be a doctor or a teacher 2) that you'd have a hard time in your early 20s and 3) That you should trust someone with an initial of "A". You wrote these things down so you'd remember, in case she happened to be right about one of them. She was right about one thing; you did have a rough period in your early twenties. Don't dread it though; remember that deep down, you are a very happy person and have no regrets. You also don't worry about things in your adult life, which drives many people you know crazy. You are lucky. Just remember to take care of yourself always.

Let's get to the details you're curious about. You're not married yet. I know you think about that a lot, wondering if there is someone out there for you to share things with. The fact that you're not married says less about you being a weird person that boys don't want to marry and more about not having the luck to stumble on the right person. Someone asked you to marry them at one point but you had the guts to know that it wasn't right. You live with your boyfriend now and Mom and Dad are ok with it. He's not what you expect but he's wonderful. As you predicted, you don't have kids and aren't sure if you want them at all. You do love having a dog though, and your dog loves you.

You've traveled a little like you've wanted to and you will travel more. While you haven't written a book, you have written things that people read and enjoy. I won't get into the technicalities but there will a new technology that'll let you write and let other people all over the world read it. You'll love doing it.

I know you think about the bigger world out there and how you fit in a lot. I know that you feel a little weird because you are saying things no one else is saying. You will meet people in your life that'll value that about you. You'll have many friends and you'll stay close to your family. You are still friends with Robby and Laura, and you make new friends wherever you go.

I'm not sure you really want to know all this. There is actually a lot I'm not telling you that I'll let you figure out. Just keep being who you are. You turn into a great person that people want to know and be with. You won't ever be lonely, so stop preparing yourself in case you are. Trust your gut, you inherited the whole being right thing from Mom. And like I said, take care of yourself. Your friends and family will help but it is up to you to steer the course of your life. And you are not a bad drive at all.


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