The nation has turned its eyes elsewhere but Fort Kent continues to deal with record-high waters in a flood that resulted in the final (though likely partial) melting of a record snowfall.

My family helped to evacuate some of the people. As my sister said in an email to me:

"It was so sad, I can’t imagine everything those people lost.  We have a lot to be thankful for.

The water is going down.  They have yet to decide if they’ll reopen Main Street tomorrow.  Justin got power back into the store (Quigley’s Building Supply) late this afternoon, so they are going to attempt to open in the morning.  I’ve been out of school since Wednesday and we’ll be out again tomorrow.  There is significant flooding in Frenchville too, near Rosettes.

Justin has been helping around town, its almost 9:30 a.m. and he’s still unloading donated bottled water down at Shop and Save. (Officials) are concerned that some of the private wells will become contaminated.  Town water is still safe, so we’re lucky.  He’s using the forklift to unload pallets donated by Hannaford. 

This town really makes me proud.  It is unreal how people came together….Luckily the only damage has been to "stuff"…all replaceable (except household memory items). 

Definitely something I hope to never see again…"

FEMA assessment could start as soon as Monday, according to Senator Susan Collins.

In the meantime, photographs were taken by my mother and brother-in-law of the destroyed lumberyard and they are hopeful insurance will cover the losses.

Please continue to keep the small town of Fort Kent in your thoughts… It’s been almost constantly in mine these last couple of days.

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