Mybookcase_2 Yesterday, my long awaited bookcase was ready for me to put my books into it.

When my boyfriend asked me this summer what I wanted for our anniversary, I told him a bookcase. I’ve always had built-ins everywhere I’ve lived but in this house, there was no place to put my books. And I had boxes and boxes of books.

Some nagging and about $200 of supplies later (Sean’s money, not mine), I now have a beautiful and ginormous bookcase that holds 12 boxes of books and still has room to spare. I have decided though that while I could very well keep all my books that it would be much better to share at least some of them by giving them away to friends one by one. And voila, a random act of kindness (a gift you could even say) that’s free.

For the books I am giving away, I am writing them down in a notebook, title and author as well as my overall impressions. If I ever want to be reminded of a book that has left me, I only have to look in my notebook to be reminded.

I gave away my first book today. And it felt good. So if you get a book in the mail, don’t be surprised. I’m actually trying to make your day.

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