I usually publish ‘This Week In Business’ on the blog Wednesday or Thursday of each week. I realized Sunday I didn’t do it last week. D’oh!
I have been quite scatterbrained these last two weeks (you can see further examples of my recent flakiness on Facebook). I am going to attribute it to the move and being busy and just try to get back on schedule this week.
Despite what some people believe, I actually maintain a separate personal and internet life, with Facebook being the point of intersection, so it’s always interesting when I meet people from my internet life in person. And it was a week of meet and greet at Breaking Even Communications.

I went to my first ‘tweetup’ last week at the Reverend Noble pub in Bangor.
Introducing myself to a group of people who know me via 140 characters and a thumbnail photo was interesting. “Hi, I’m breakingeven but my friends actually usually call me Nicole.”
The Twitter people literally took up half the smallish pub, and it was fun to see how/if people were like their Twitter postings.
I met a ton of people including: @MargaretsCards @berryff @MyFriendMoomba @FuschiaRay @GibranGraham @Shane_Leonard @karamat @erica_bates @Chaddah @JLothian @kimswan and @danamoos.
I am seeing possible collaborations in the future and if nothing else, I am enjoying exposing my work to and getting to know another set of friends.
I gave a talk to MDI Rotary.
I am probably one of the only people in the world who enjoys public speaking so when I get a gig like this, it’s actually fun for me. I met some great people and was relieved that about a third of the audience at least looked familiar.
I gave a presentation to the Fort Kent Chamber of Commerce.
Same idea as MDI Rotary, I wanted a chance to get in front of a group of local business owners and perhaps get a client out of it. Regardless, the more people are aware of what I do, the more eyes and ears for potential work I have out there. Plus I used the Fort Kent trip to visit my family and attend a Halloween party with friends.
It’s interesting that I’ve spent so much time selling and presenting these last two weeks that I haven’t had a lot of time to actually do work. I think striking a balance between working and selling will be key (as well as finally having some project management software, but more on that next week). Here’s to being busy!