I didn't want to be the lame person at the conference taking photos but I allowed myself to be the lame person at the sushi restaurant getting their photo taken. Oh bento!This week, I’ve driven at least 500 miles, 400 of which was to attend a cool conference in the hip city of Portland. Here’s what’s new on the business front:

I went to a social media conference and networked my butt off.
I (and about 200 other people) attended the Social FTW Media Conference in Portland Maine on Wednesday (hence the lack of posts the last couple days). I learned a little and mostly found it was fun to 1) meet people in real life who I’m ‘friends’ with on the internet and 2) feel like I actually understand social media and how and why businesses should use it. I certainly learned some cool stuff to take home but it’s always nice to know you might actually be good at what you do….Also nice to get to Portland and spend time with friends!

For those of you who want to continue the networking (I certainly do!) check out #ftw09 on Twitter and/or check out the Flyte blog. There’s also this article on the event via the NXT and this one via Maine Business.

I enhanced my Yelp business listing.
I am becoming a big fan of review websites. I mean having an online guestbook where folks can write comments on your own site is fantastic but putting yourself on larger sites that are well indexed by search engines is an even better idea.

Working at the inn got me checking out Tripadvisor way more (when I take reservations, people often mention that they’ve looked there at our reviews). I’ve also used Google reviews a few times to make specific recommendations to inn guests who visit higher end restaurants than I normally do (“I hear the scallops are fantastic” I can say with confidence).

But I am seeing a trend in local reviewing/community sites like Yelp, sites for specific purposes (like Chow for restaurants or Angie’s List for service providers), and sites specific to certain geographic areas. As much as I love my friends’ recommendations, sometimes I need the information quicker or more objectively. And because I can’t be on every review website out there, I’ve picked Yelp to make my mark.

I’ve been getting into Yelp a little more lately as far as generating reviews since friends have been saying I seem to know all the cool things going on (flattery will get you everywhere!). I did notice this week that Yelp had a business listing feature. Beyond putting up your business name and address, you can put your company’s informatin, photos, etc. Since I’m making my mark on Yelp, I enhanced Breaking Even Communications business listing there. Next is to get people to review me there. Next week!

I got featured on Almost Frugal.
I can always tell when a powerful blogger gives me a link off their site. My traffic spikes and stays higher for up to a few days afterward.

Having the opportunity for a new audience to my blog and getting a high quality inbound link is so appreciated (according to Mequoda, inbound links are becoming more relevant to search engines). Thanks to Kelly for the opportunity and being a blogger I admire.

And if you want to read what being frugal means to me, check out the article.

It was actually such a busy week, I even have leftover material for next week! Yay buisness!

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