Sometimes, I catch myself thinking in terms of black and white. I’m sure this comes from making my own decisions (most of the time rather quickly) as a business owner. “I don’t buy that.” or “I always do this.” The truth is, of course, a little less simple than that but it’s easy to convince yourself one way or the other when you are the only person there is to convince.
I’ve spent this week beginning to really work with other people as peers. And while this is a sign things are growing, it also means this is no longer all about me, and my snap judgements are no longer going to work. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week, besides realizing I’m not the center of my own universe:
The workshop organizing continued.
I apologize to those of you who are probably sick of hearing about Matt and my upcoming workshop. I keep telling myself that the first one is taking so much planning because, well, it’s the first one. We fielded questions over email (and put them in an FAQ on the website, work once use twice I say!); got a few more registrants; and put up a website at I also created and sent out a press release and Matt made a Facebook page for the event.
Since three people have registered and a few more have said they’ll come, I think we might actually have enough people to *gasp* break even!
I began life as a paid blog contributor at Almost Frugal.
When my friend Kelly posted that she was thinking of selling her blog, I sent my condolences. Thinking about ending a blog seems (at least a bit) like ending a long term relationship. It takes more time than you’d expect and you care way more about it than you’ll publicly admit as your ego gets pretty tied in. (Full disclosure: I won’t even date a guy who doesn’t read my blog.) And while I haven’t dated Kelly (she’s married and in France), I have been reading Almost Frugal since the very beginning so I was a bit sad about the end of an era.
A few days later, I got an email from her.

She wanted to sell the blog because she couldn’t keep up with posting as often as she wanted. She then decided that rather than selling the blog, it was logical to try to grow it. Would I like to be a paid contributor? I knew I had to say yes when I had already thought of a few post ideas.
I’m not sure if it’s necessarily in line with my professional goals but 1) This is helping a friend and a blog I like. 2) I like to write and don’t let myself do it too often because I don’t usually make money off it. and 3) It’ll bring me and my work in front of a whole other audience.
I’ll be posting on Thursdays about personal finance things, kind of like I used to write on the Breaking Even blog before it got business-y. Here’s a link to my first post, in case you want to read it.
Kelly and I will re-evaluate in a few months to see if this is working for the both of us.
I wrote about eyeballs today.
And from the much smaller events news desk: You know how we all have things that make us feel a little faint and/or repulsed? So my thing is (or more accurately was) eyes. I go in an eye doctor’s office and see the little poster or anatomical model of the eye and I just want to pass out. I am not sure why but this has been for as long as I can remember.
So I spent part of the afternoon writing a bio for an eye doctor who specializes in retina surgery. And you know what? Once I psyched myself up to do it, it wasn’t half bad. As long as I don’t ever have to look at surgical photos, I should be ok…
Ah little victories, and both small and large cases for being open minded! Have a good rest of the week!

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