What happened to Too Cute Tuesday? Nothing! It’s just that this week it’s going to be on Wednesday. So the usual ‘this week in business’ update has been switched to today.

(Interestingly, Too Cute Tuesday has branched off into Wicked Cute Wednesday in St. Louis, which is more convenient for Sarah’s graduate school schedule. Be friendly with them on Facebook, too. The crafting and cocktail movement is spreading!)

The new Too Cute Tuesday logo. I know, hot.
Good news is plenty has happened since last week:
I found the one…well, accountantwise anyway.

The relationship between a small business owner and her accountant is important. They can help you make good decisions and help you plan the future of your business as they learn about your hopes, dreams, and fears. Sure, I am making it sound touchy feely but seriously, you end up working a ton with this person and there has to be some clicking if it’s going to be a functional relationship.

I’ve been shopping around and I was looking for someone who would educate me on the things that I could learn about yet do what I couldn’t.

I took a recommendation from one of my clients and had a meeting this morning. I think we’ve found a winner! I have quite a stack of papers to fill out but I’ve given myself a week to finally do it. On vera! Yup, another decision to have crossed off my list.
I set up a Breaking Even Communications Facebook page.

When I found out that you can put HTML code on a business Facebook page (among other cool things), I decided to finally set up a separate one up for Breaking Even Communications.

I’ve decided to just embrace the fact that I just like Facebook better than Twitter so if you want to read some cool stuff I’ve been reading about Internet marketing, fan the Breaking Even Communications page on Facebook.
That said, I’ll still be maintaining my Twitter account, just not sharing as many (and sharing different) links.
I finalized the new Too Cute Tuesday logo.

Before I recommend someone to a client, I like to try and work with them on a project. My friend Randy is a great graphic artist (more on the work he did for me next week) but I wanted to try out a new local guy starting his own graphic design/printing business.

I met Gabe at the Bangor tweetup a few weeks ago and told him that I wanted a unique design for Too Cute Tuesday. After some back and forth, the cool graphic you see up top is what he came up with. I’ve long been wanting to develop the Too Cute Tuesday brand and this logo is the first step towards that.

Gabe’s company, My Friend Moomba, does graphic work and t-shirt printing. Now that he’s done the logo, he’s going to print me some shirts that will not only help me keep things local but also allow me to offer them at a much lower price than, say, CafePress.

Until then though, you can buy a bit of Too Cute Tuesday paraphenalia at the Breaking Even store on CafePress. Yup, my own ecommerce site is another thing on my list…

Hope things are going well for you too!

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