I might not have gotten much done but I sure finished a bike ride I didn't know I could do!

There are times in your life where you are forced to say something to the effect of “Dear Diary, Nothing happened to me. I ate a piece of key lime pie and it was good. Goodnight.” (I had a daily diary in second grade, and a lot of it read sort of like that.)

This week in business was rather unproductive. I took a long weekend to go to my ten year high school reunion and do a 50 mile fundraising bike ride. The reunion was more fun than expected and our team raised over $500 for a really good cause. And while I did collapse in utter exhaustion on Sunday night at 8 pm, it is nice to know I can still do it all.

So this week, I’ll be catching up on my ongoing projects, including video editing, my business plan, and the work I actually get paid to do.

I guess I can’t be on top of it every week!

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