For Matt and all the other nice guys out there. Yes, I appreciate you and if you don't take my money, I'll do something nice back gosh-darn-it!This week in business, it’s been more of the same as it was last week. Dare I call it a routine? OK, maybe not, but it does seem to be a repeat of last week. A few new developments:

I officially gave up on video importing and am turning it over to someone more able.
Matt, the guy who lent me the camera, is going to take my clips and burn them on DVD for me. He may just be The Nicest Guy On Earth.

Not one to let people do completely nice things for me for free (because who takes advantage of their friends?), I offered Matt money. He’s refused (nicely, of course) so I am going to instead help get WERU’s new site user friendly, since Matt is on their board (WERU is a non-profit community radio station based in Blue Hill, Maine in case you were curious.)

This way, neither Matt or I need to feel guilty. Isn’t it interesting how guilt motivates?

I am working on my business plan still with my due date of August 14 in mind.
I keep finding information and plugging in where it needs to go within my plan, which is getting more and more unstructured as these new bits of information are coming in. Hmph.

Since I find large chunks of uninterrupted time best for writing, I am going to give myself opportunities to do this if my plan is going to sound like any kind of narrative.

To give myself extra time, I’ve been getting some blog posts ready for next week. In addition, I’ve decided to run my wedding series of guest posts next week. After all, tis the season! (Thanks to all the participants who have sent things in so far…and if you have held an inexpensive and amazing wedding yourself and want to be part of the fun, contact me!)

I listed myself a few free online directories.
Will a free local Google local listing or free listing make or break me? Probably not, but I ran into these sites while doing my business plan research (or to put it more fun-ly, spying on the competition). I also stuck my business listing in a few other places online. Whether people see me or not, I figure the inbound links to my site can’t hurt. Meanwhile I’ll watch my web stats and let you know if it ended up being worth the time.

Happy mid-week!

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