When beginning a new business, one needs all the publicity possible. This week, I concentrated heavily on this aspect of my business. I'm needing some new clients! 

I sent out press releases like gang busters, and in the process learned way more about my printer.

I paid someone talented to write a press release about my new business for me and compile a media list. It's not that I don't think I'm a good writer but I figured someone else could see my story more freshly than I could, since I've been so close to it for so long. Both the list and press release came out great; I actually found myself getting excited reading my own story!

Last week while running errands, I had the press release photocopied at my local copy place. This week, I printed envelopes using an envelope template I got off of the Microsoft Templates website (thanks to my friend Sarah for the suggestion).

After trial and error with envelope-sized scrap pieces of paper, I got the format to come out well on my laser printer. I was thinking about not doing this but my friends were right; they look a lot more professional than handwritten. Well worth the extra time.

The press releases will physically go to eighteen different publications, news stations, and other press. I will also email the press release to about fifty people. If even one newspaper writes an article or one magazine publishes the blurb, this could translate into a lot of business for me.

In the spirit of free publicity, I have also submitted guest posts to several blogs and an article for our Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

I am trying out Google Adwords.

I've been telling clients about the possibilities of pay per click advertising but I've never played with Google Adwords myself. After watching about three hours worth of Youtube seminars about them, I realized there was a lot more to know that I would only understand by using the program.

Since my blog has changed addresses, hits have been noticeably lower. What better time to promote my blog and try out PPC advertising at the same time? There will be more to report when I have more then two days worth of data but so far so interesting:

Google Adword performance for my (randomly) chosen keywords...who knew 'Maine' would be so popular?

Google Adword performance for my (randomly) chosen keywords…who knew 'Maine' would be so popular?

I've been offered a free ad space on a friend's site, and I'm taking it!

My friend offered me an ad space on a site he maintains to help me out and, even though I don't think it's my target demographic, I'm going to take it. Publicity is publicity! As an aside, I'm still amazed at how my inferrior design skills can even show in a 468 by 60 pixel ad.

So hopefully my efforts will result in some more press and a few more clients. In the meantime, got any more publicity ideas for me?

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