It’s finally spring in this corner of the world, I hope you’ve been enjoying nature equally where you are at!

Matt and I are finally giving our workshop Saturday and in regards to that, it’s been a week of learning software here at Breaking Even Communications. Here’s what’s been going on:

I am trying ManyMoon project management software.
I use Google Applications a lot for my business. (Full disclosure: I own one share of Google one thing I was looking for was integration of project management software with my Google Calendar. It was in looking around that I stumbled on the Google Apps marketplace. This is kind of misleading, as I assumed all these programs would cost money. Au contraire!

I looked for the highest rated project management apps and found Manymoon. There are both paid and non-paid versions of the software (I’m clearly trying out the free one) but it allows me to schedule tasks that I can associate with individual projects and that will be imported into my Google Calendar. Also, I can collaborate with multiple people on the same project, though I think we all need Google accounts to sign in.

No one piece of software is going to solve my issues but at least this meets a few of my criteria: 1) web-based 2) integrating with Mac and PC, 3) integrating with Google Calendar, and 4) able to create projects and associated tasks.

I found some other reasons why I like OpenOffice… and Google.
I like to use OpenOffice software when I work with clients because I know that whether they have a Mac or a PC, they’ll be able to use my files. I can also work on something on my PC desktop and continue working on it on my Mac laptop, and vice versa.

Google Docs is a nice way to share spreadsheets and documents but Google Wave allows multiple users to edit the document at the same time.

Matt and I used OpenOffice to create our presentation for our workshop this weekend, and we used Google Wave to collaborate on the agenda, which saved us one meeting we would have had to have otherwise.

I joined the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce.
Joining my local chamber, which is very heavily tourism oriented, ended up being affordable since I am a year round business not so related to tourism. (I am also a member of the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, which is more of a regional group.)

I like being affiliated with my local chambers because it not only gives me access to services but also adds some legitimacy to my business.

Have a good rest of the week, and here’s hoping you can also get a chance to go out for a walk or maybe try out some new software…

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