I spent most of this week finishing a really big project. It’s always interesting how you can be in the middle of something big and wonder if you are ever going to finish. Then, when the due day comes, it somehow seems to come together. Here’s this week at Breaking Even Communications:

The MaineBiz article about me appeared…and I was a ‘cyber siren’!
John (my former boyfriend now friend who had written the initial press release) told me I should be ready for any angle the press wanted to use in the story. He told me I shouldn’t be above using my youth, good looks, being formerly in the newspaper industry, having a family who owns a small business, or other details about my life that the writer may want to expound on.

The MaineBiz article was written by Mercedes Grandin that made me sound intelligent and down to earth. Headline was ‘Cyber siren’. Whew!

I’m still not sure whether I’m a ‘cyber siren’ because I’m getting attention for businesses online or because I’m cute. Anyway, you can read the article here if you like. I am just chosing to be flattered by the headline in a general way!

I turned in my big project, a thirty page internet marketing plan for a regional non-profit.
Why didn’t I blog yesterday? Because at 10:30 p.m. I submitted the final version of my internet marketing plan to the Herring Alliance. It was thirty pages, single-spaced and I couldn’t write another word. After I finished, I just poured myself a glass of red wine and hoped regular readers wouldn’t be too worried about me!

Overall I am happy with how it turned out, and hope they are too. I know there will be corrections and changes (that’s part of it) but to know the big part is quite relaxing indeed!

My internet marketing video is coming together.
I’ve got two confirmed interviews next Thursday (and three people who have agreed to talk to me but haven’t been scheduled for a video session yet) as a start to filming my internet marketing video.

I’m getting the camera via a parking lot exchange this Saturday morning so I can practice with it beforehand. My goal is to have everything filmed in two weeks (so I can return the camera back to a very nice web designer friend. Then there will be about two weeks of editing before the launch. I think it’s going to come out really well, and I’ll probably have more then enough footage for a couple of videos in the end.

I’m really lucky that everyone I asked agreed to be part of it. I think that says a lot about the people I’ve met in this small business creation journey!

All and all, things have been smoother sailing. It’s nice to know that there are people out there willing to help and rooting for me. It makes me feel less alone, which is pretty easy to feel sometimes.

Have you accomplished anything you’re proud of this week? Feel free to share so we can all be happy for you!

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