I’ve gotten a few emails. “I miss your blogs!” I miss them too!

Last weekend, I was in a wedding in Massachusetts and, combined with being busy at work in general, updating my own blog often seems like something I want to do and don’t have time. Maybe when I get a smart phone in a couple months, it’ll be easier to do these things in transit.

Here’s what’s going on at Breaking Even Communications:

I moved my office into my living room.
I was most excited about my move from 220 square feet late last year precisely because I could have aseparateoffice and living area. There was really only one logical choice for my ‘office’.

Fast forward to months later. Why is my energy so low? My office had one small window behind me and it was not motivating to work in a cave.

So I moved my desk to my living room(other office-y things like printer, stationary, etc. stayed in the old office). Yesterday morning, I watched a gold finch hover near a flower. I also got a ton of work done. For the whole separation of work and life, I might eventually get a screen to close off the area in the after hours but for the moment, this arrangement is working, and well.

Let there be light, even if it does mean my work space is in my living space.

Let there be light, even if it does mean my work space is in my living space.

I got selected to present at Social Media FTW about blogging.

I’ll be presenting as part of the Social Media FTW Fall Conference in Portland in September. I’ll be presenting on business blogging (as the intro to Rich Brook’s advanced blogging). There are still tickets available and, based on who else is on the roster, it should be a pretty good conference. Click this link to learn more.

Preregistration for workshops are now required.

This past week, Downeast Learning (my coventure with my friend Matt) had a workshop about email marketing. We were about to cancel it because no one had signed up when I had three people email me about it over the weekend, which is just enough to cover the room rental. “Do we have to preregister? Can we pay you then?” “Sure!” I said in an attempt to be flexible.

One person showed up. I emailed the other two people. One had forgotten and one couldn’t come at the last minute. I bet paying ahead would have been more motivating. Lesson learned: preregistration only! No more Too-Nice Nicole!

I made a deal on a beach.

I had to mention this because it was so random.

So my dog got lost while we were on a walk (long story but let’s just say my dog thinks she can catch deer) and about an hour into the search, I went down to the beach to see if she had turned up there. I waited to see if she’d come off the island we were walking on when the guy next to me started talking to me about my dog. It came up in conversation that I lived in Bar Harbor and he asked me what I did. When I told him internet marketing, he took down my contact info into his iPhone. He runs a video production company in Maryland and needs some website and social media revamping. It just goes to show you that you never know when you’re going to meet people. I’ll let you know if he calls!

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