I can’t tell you how many conference calls I’ve been in on in the last week. Sometimes it feels like I’m spending a lot more time checking on things than actually doing things. Conference calls are to small business owners, however, what meetings are to employees: necessary evils that are actually, if done right, more productive than participants think initially. Here’s what else happened this week:

I talked with a web design company about subcontracting, and they are going to go for it.
This week, there’s even more evidence that you should do a good job no matter where you work or what you do.

So I work at an inn part time. My internet savy (and much more detail-oriented) friends pointed out to me that the home page of the inn’s website said “Check out our spring packages!” in August. Gulp.

I convinced the inn owners (with very little effort actually) to give me administrative access to their site. I emailed their web hosting company Inside Out Solutions for FTP access to the site. I ended up in an email conversation with Jeff, a VP of the company. Inside Out Solutions is wanting to expand more into social media and want someone to help. And that someone is me.

Jeff and I (in one of my phone conferences yesterday) discussed prices and process and here’s hoping that I can enhance the services they offer their clients and they can feed me some work I don’t have to spend time selling. Yay teamwork.

I ordered envelopes.
I know, big deal,right? I tell you, I spend so much more time than I ever expected I would dealing with these little components that go into running a business.

The bigger lesson here, known to designers and in particular printers, is that what looks good online (like my rocking four color logo) does not necessarily translate to print in a pretty, cost effective way. Hence the learning opportunity with envelopes. I was seeing full color envelopes with full color letterhead in my future but the cost of something that’s so disposable is not worth it. Multiple printers have told me this.

So I’m going to go with the full color letterhead and the black and white logos on the envelopes. Stationary is pretty exciting! I am also continuing to use Pioneer Ink in Ellsworth since my friends have given them such glowing recommendations and they were super easy to work with on my business cards. Plus, you know how much I like to support local businesses!

I scored a speaking gig a the next SCORE Board of Directors meeting.
I’ve been building a relationship with my gal Ann at SCORE over the last few weeks when she asked me if I thought I could help other small business owners with their internet stuff. I sure can!

So after several emails expressing interest, I am now on the agenda for next week’s board meeting. Bonus is I get to meet Anne in person, who I’ve only ever talked to on the phone and over email.

More phone conferences in store next week. If this keeps up, I may have to get myself one of those cool looking headsets!

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