On more than one occasion, I've been at a social gathering and people wanted to know what I do and how much I charge. It is not often easy to come up with; every Web project seems to be pretty different, but there are some common things I get asked about a lot.

I've been drafting a price list for about six months. Sometimes a look at it and I'll think "that's too expensive" or "I didn't charge enough for that". Most of the time though, I find it hard to put a price on some of my services. First of all, no one else seems to be posting their prices for these kind of things, at least not that I've found. Second of all, I feel like once I upload this PDF, I'm locked in. And that's kind of scary.

This week, I purchased an ad in the paper (50% discount, sweet!) and promised an online price list. Just the kick in the pants I needed to get myself to finally do this!

This price list also exists partially because people don't quite understand what I do. Most people think that I design websites (which if it were true would be a total conflict of interest with my day job). Really what I do is help market websites. And to help wipe that bizarre expression off peoples' faces, I have to give some examples.

So today I'm taking a deep breath and I'm posting my price list. I have no idea whether it's competitive or not but I do know how long it takes me to do some of these things and I guess that's a start. So please check it out here if you feel so inclined; I'd love opinions! (Okay, unless they're really bad in which case please soften the blow.)

Need marketing help?