Welcome to my week-long women's series. It's no secret that one issue that I'm passionate about is female empowerment. I used to answer a domestic violence hotline, coach cheerleading, lead a girls technology club in my local middle school, and met with a monthly girls book club. I'm currently on the board of our county's domestic violence program and doing some writing for the Maine Women's Fund. My point is it's certainly been a common thread in my life no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

So this week, it's about the ladies, and of course money (as usual). Enjoy!

Last week, 14,000 women gathered for California's Women's Conference which was organized by Maria Shriver, first woman of California.

There were some great speakers on hand discussing their views on women's issues (which are really everyone issues but you understand what I'm saying) as well as the role of women in the future of America and the world. It was a pretty inspiring lineup which included Bono (keynote), Warrent Buffet (talking the economy as well as putting a sexistly pandering Chris Matthews politely in his place), Jennifer Lopez (talking with young girls about body image), Oprah (duh) and lots of other gifted speakers and accomplished women.

While it certainly would have been cool to be there, the great news is they have a great online presence.

Click here to get streaming video of the different speaker sessions (and not just two minute clips from Youtube here, actual hours of video).

You can also get more involved by keeping up with their blog and discussion board at the California Women's Conference's official website.

I'm thinking of this time listening as a combination motivational pep talk and professional development session. Hope you do too!

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