How To Market Your Restaurant Online

I love food. For awhile, I was a ranked Klout influencer on the subject of avocados. True story. What makes me really sad is when I go into a restaurant and it’s awesome but there is no way anyone would know about it. Here are a few easy wins you can do with...

Marketing Monday: Finn’s Irish Pub

Every Monday, the Breaking Even blog profiles a person, business, or organization doing cool things online. Have a nomination? Let me know about it!

My friend Paul set up a Facebook page for Finn’s Irish Pub, a restaurant in downtown Ellsworth. Since Paul owns the building (in his working life he is one of a food distributor for independent restaurants), he has a vested interest in making the restaurant work and decided to set up a Facebook page to help promote it.

With over 500 fans, Finn’s regularly updates their page, posts photos of their food, and let’s people know about local events.

What I really liked, however, was an interaction a couple weeks ago centering around the question: Should Finn’s make a separate kids’ menu?

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