A Tour Of My House

When I got engaged a couple months ago, I wasn’t really surprised. But it definitely solidified the next step I, we, need to take. My lease runs out in May and I gave notice to my landlord I’d be moving out and ¬†moving in with Derrick. I clicked...

Why Renting A Bigger Place May Save Me Money

It’s really interesting to shop for unique things like apartments or cars. Each is so different it’s hard to compare, you can’t exactly hop online and find the best deal like you would for, say, a certain model of digital camera. The whole thing is a bit more nuanced than that.
Clearly costs are an issue to me and, in looking at larger spaces, my rent is going to cost more. But there are some additional features that a larger apartment can accomodate that might make this move actually less expensive than where I live now.
I’ve attempting to assign some monetary values to some of this stuff, if only so I can fairly compare apartments. What do you think? Have I forgotten anything?
Washer and Dryer access- $25/month
Currently at the Bar Harbor Laundromat, I am paying about $6 for a load of laundry. A big load, sure, but $1 for 16 minutes of dryer time? Come on!

Why I’m Getting A Bigger Space

Those of you who are my Facebook friends know that this week, I’ve begun the process of looking for a new apartment to rent. If I move, this will be the 26th time in my 28 years I’ve put my things into boxes and moved to another location.

Currently, I live in 220 square feet several blocks from the ocean in beautiful Bar Harbor Maine. Everything in that sentence sounds great, but I challenge you to measure out 220 square feet and then imagine yourself living and working from that space. Don’t forget your bed, desk, kitchen, bathroom, table…Now in your mind, add a dog and those items that come with dog ownership to your floorplan. So you may understand why I’m beginning to feel a little squeezed in over the last year.

To Move Or Not To Move

There comes a time in every person’s life when they realize they need to make a change, even if it requires spending more money. My moment came last week.

Having someone visit my apartment is always interesting if only because it makes me realize how small it is. Most of the time, I can ignore it but someone else is around, I get questions.

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