This Week In Business: Lack Of Sleep Edition

It’s been an interesting week here at Breaking Even Communications and in my life in general.

I’ve had a hard time sleeping, which is uncharacteristic of me. Most of what’s on my mind was thoughts of my grandfather. It was confirmed yesterday that he has liver cancer. He is one of my favorite people in the world, and one of my role models as far as being a good person.

I used to think that there would be times in my life that would be easier and times that would be harder. The older I get though, the more I realize that most times in life will be sort of mixed, and there is importance and even satisfaction in just moving forward. So onward for Pepere, and myself…

Here’s what’s been going on businesswise this week:

Matt and my workshop went really well…and we’re already planning another.

Besides running out of time and not having a good system to answer people’s questions, things went smoothly last Saturday. We have been asked about follow-up workshops, not only by people who came but by people who heard about it.

We decided to use our common website to post information about upcoming workshops and how-tos about the topics we didn’t get to. If you want to check it out: We’re planning one in May about making websites search engine friendly. Stay tuned!

I gave a talk about blogging at my local library.

Last night, I gave a talk with a fellow local blogger at the Jessup Memorial Library. Four people showed up, which was a lower turnout than I was hoping.

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This Week In Business: Dress Rehearsal Edition

It’s finally spring in this corner of the world, I hope you’ve been enjoying nature equally where you are at!

Matt and I are finally giving our workshop Saturday and in regards to that, it’s been a week of learning software here at Breaking Even Communications. Here’s what’s been going on:

I am trying ManyMoon project management software.
I use Google Applications a lot for my business. (Full disclosure: I own one share of Google one thing I was looking for was integration of project management software with my Google Calendar. It was in looking around that I stumbled on the Google Apps marketplace. This is kind of misleading, as I assumed all these programs would cost money. Au contraire!

I looked for the highest rated project management apps and found Manymoon. There are both paid and non-paid versions of the software (I’m clearly trying out the free one) but it allows me to schedule tasks that I can associate with individual projects and that will be imported into my Google Calendar. Also, I can collaborate with multiple people on the same project, though I think we all need Google accounts to sign in.

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This Week In Business: Distracted By The New Dog Edition

This week’s biggest news has nothing to do with my business bottom line but will effect things from here on out. Last night at about 11 pm, I got a dog.

Gidget is a 30 pound Corgi mix that’ll keep me company while I work, force me to take exercise breaks, and otherwise up my overall quality of life.

Besides getting a dog and probably paying way too much attention to her, here’s what’s been going on this week:

Gidget, the little dog with big ideas.

I talked someone out of spending a lot of with me.

I usually get a few website inquiries a week and I’m lucky if 10% of them turn into actual sales.

When a woman I volunteered with a few years ago contacted me about a website this past week, I would have really loved to have done the work, especially when she said she definitely wanted to hire me (Awww).

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This Week In Business: Thanksgiving While Moving Edition

I haven’t had much time to write this week because I am still working my normal amount but also moving apartments on top of that. So I spent Thanksgiving packing boxes and not eating the celebratory Chinese food I planned on eating after because the restaurant was closed. Oh well!

I am now thankful for frozen burritos and an internet connection I can mooch off of from the neighbors until mine gets hooked up.

I have managed to accomplish a few things this week, aside from not breaking any glassware…yet.

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This Week(s) In Business: Tweetup Edition

I usually publish ‘This Week In Business’ on the blog Wednesday or Thursday of each week. I realized Sunday I didn’t do it last week. D’oh!
I have been quite scatterbrained these last two weeks (you can see further examples of my recent flakiness on Facebook). I am going to attribute it to the move and being busy and just try to get back on schedule this week.
Despite what some people believe, I actually maintain a separate personal and internet life, with Facebook being the point of intersection, so it’s always interesting when I meet people from my internet life in person. And it was a week of meet and greet at Breaking Even Communications.

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