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Fun Saturday: Funny Stuff You Notice On Walks

I write whatever I want about at the end of the week. Because I can.

Now that it’s finally sping in my corner of the world, I can advocate walking again.

I mean, we all know that it’s great exercise and doesn’t waste fossil fuels like driving, but these last few sunny days have made me think about the actual reason I enjoy walking: You notice funny things that you never notice when you are driving a car.

I could show any number of lovely photographs of some of Bar Harbor’s more famous landmarks at this point but instead here are some things I’ve driven by a million times but just noticed when I was out walking the other day.

What is this behind the Abbe Museum? An odd building indeed...

Just a few of a bunch of colorful birdhouses, attached to a fence, set far back from the road.

It makes me wonder what else I’ve missed, and makes me think of walks past, like my walk to school on Vinalhaven, my walk into town from my French apartment, or the nightly walk my dog and I used to go on around the block.

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I’m Moving: A Follow-up

Great news for me this week is that I have found a new rental and I am moving in two weeks. Here’s my new house, which is three times as large as the apartment I am living in right now.

My little house, some random car for scale.

I was told how hard/impossible it would be to find something affordable and year round in Bar Harbor but here’s how I performed my real estate miracle:

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