I do love a cool graphic t-shirt on the weekend. During the weekdays, I dress nice for work and lead an otherwise dull adult life. But when I pull on a cool t-shirt on Saturday morning, it makes me feel young and hip in a way I can’t describe. Needless to say, I don’t want a t-shirt identical to what everyone else has, nor did I want to pony up over $25 for a "Mary Is My Homegirl" t-shirt. What is a fashion-forward rural girl to do?

Threadless Enter Threadless. T-shirts are designed by people who know what they are doing and readers vote on what t-shirts get printed. Did I mention that they cost $15? Designs are periodically retired but brought back if enough people vote for them so they are always changing. You can submit a photo of you wearing a Threadless shirt for possible publication on the site so if you choose, you can be fashionable and semi-famous.

As a fashion staple, graphic tees are pretty versatile. You can layer them under a suit jacket at work for Casual Friday (that’s as casual as I’d get at work) or wear them on the weekends to your favorite bar and seem fun but not too dressed-up. I mean, haven’t us ladies done the whole camisole, jeans and heels going out outfit to death already?


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