Do you ever feel those times in your life where work starts creeping in places you weren't expecting? Things are getting that way in my case. It's great from the standpoint of making more money and growing my business but from a personal health standpoint, I could definitely improve. Case in point: I forgot to wear a coat this morning…and it was 20 degrees out. Talk about having my brain elsewhere!

I have decided to put some practices firmly in place before things get any busier, and before I forget to put on any other article of clothing before leaving the house.

I'm taking one day off a week, completely.

I need a day of rest and if God can have one, so can I. It feels much more sane to have a day off. I'm not going to blog or do anything else on Sundays starting this week.

I'm using my spare time during the day to deal with correspondence right away. 

I'm keeping my inbox cleaned out and returning calls promptly using breaks and parts of lunch hours to get these little but critical things done. 

I step away from the computer.

Proposals can be sketched out on notebook paper with tea on the couch, ideas can be written while hanging out with a friend at a coffee shop. I no longer have a laptop so anytime away from my desk is now away from a computer. This is a good development in my case.

I set a timer.

When I get on my computer to check Facebook or Twitter, I set a timer. I keep one on my desk just for this purpose. Social networking while fun can be a big time sink and I need to be pulled away. I recommended this to a group o people I talked to and they seemed to think it was a good idea too, otherwise family and friends get mad at you for spending too much time on the computer.

It appears that tonight my brain is back, and just in time for Too Cute Tuesday tomorrow! Hope one of my little tips out there helps you with your personal sanity…

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