Too Cute Tuesday: Creative Commons Artwork

Too Cute Tuesday: Creative Commons Artwork

How cute is this? I mean really. Plus it's based on a historical British poster idea of Be Calm and Carry On. That's right, it's multiple levels of cool.This Tuesday we aren't having our usual Too Cute Tuesday gathering. It was bound to happen sometime but everyone is either celebrating a birthday or working or out of town. I thought I would instead share a craft I did earlier this week. TCT resumes next week with tie dye, as requested by Christy, today's birthday girl.

I shared a really neato image my friend Andrew found on the Too Cute Tuesday Facebook page.

Besides being cool looking and basically summarizing the TCT philosophy, the image has a creative commons license, meaning it can be reproduced so long as it's not sold and is attributed to the creator. Fair enough! I just appreciate that there are people out there creating cool things for people to freely enjoy.

Can you just copy someone else's work? Sure, but then you'll feel kind of sleazy. Plus the image might not be high resolution enough to be useful. See, cheating doesn't pay!

Instead, use the search function on the Creative Commons website and everything that pops up means you are good to go! I just did a search on 'squirrel photo' just to be silly and there were a ridiculous amount of options.

Marketing Monday: Canon’s Free Photography Workshops

Marketing Monday: Canon’s Free Photography Workshops

My high school classmate does what it takes to get the right shot. She is working on her school's yearbook, and agreed that she wanted to be famous on my blog.A Fun Afternoon Meets Marketing Genius

I subscribe to a few local papers and Friday, I was checking out the community calendar sections looking for something fun and interesting to do. I read about Canon's workshops this week in multiple papers and was considering attending. Then heard from someone staying at the Inn that the workshop was fun, so I decided to do it.

Genuis Idea #1: Free how-to event gets lots of good coverage in traditional media.

Yesterday, I showed up at the booth the requisit 1/2 hour beforehand. First was a registration, filled out on one of three setup Macbooks. It was quick, and took my contact information.

Genuis Idea #2: Canon now has my address, phone number, and email address. Some companies have said this information can end up being worth $75 or more to them (

Registering was painless and a good way to collect information from potential customers.

There was an opportunity to borrow Canon equiptment for free. You could certainly borrow a digital SLR camera but you could also try out macro lenses and other specialized gear. I wasn't going to do this but was persuaded by one of the instructors to give it a shot and there would no doubt be time in my class to learn the corresponding commands on my point-and-shoot.

Good And Cheap Wedding Series: Summary

Good And Cheap Wedding Series: Summary

Wedding always impart some kind of lessons. In the case of my sister's wedding, small cute dogs like parking their butts on the cushy trains of white wedding gowns. Don't let them!

The good and cheap wedding series was a hit based on feedback I've gotten (though I hope more people will eventually leave it on the blog and not just tell me but hey, I'll get feedback wherever I can get it!). I learned a few new ideas from every couple, even people I thought I knew really well already.

Here were a few of the common themes:

1. Churches and town halls will hook you up.
They aren't looking to make a quick buck; they just want their folding tables back. I had no idea that for $0-$100, one could reserve a room as long as it gets cleaned up afterwards. Nice!

This Week In Business: Slogging Through

This Week In Business: Slogging Through

I might not have gotten much done but I sure finished a bike ride I didn't know I could do!

There are times in your life where you are forced to say something to the effect of "Dear Diary, Nothing happened to me. I ate a piece of key lime pie and it was good. Goodnight." (I had a daily diary in second grade, and a lot of it read sort of like that.)

This week in business was rather unproductive. I took a long weekend to go to my ten year high school reunion and do a 50 mile fundraising bike ride. The reunion was more fun than expected and our team raised over $500 for a really good cause. And while I did collapse in utter exhaustion on Sunday night at 8 pm, it is nice to know I can still do it all.

So this week, I'll be catching up on my ongoing projects, including video editing, my business plan, and the work I actually get paid to do.

I guess I can't be on top of it every week!

Too Cute Tuesday: Recycled Pet Food Bags

Too Cute Tuesday: Recycled Pet Food Bags

When it's hot outside, it's hard to want to do much, even on Too Cute Tuesday.

In Maine, temperatures hit 95ish degrees. I know this isn't hot for you people in warm climates but let's just say that we chose to live half way between the Equator and North Pole because we like cooler temperatures. Also, some of us don't have things like air conditioners. All in all, the heat is making people lazy and a little cranky.

Sue acted not so confident with the sewing machine but then she rocked it, you know, because she's Sue.

Since many of us are pet owners, Dorrie found a fun craft where we could recycle our old pet food bags and make ourselves something useful. And, with four steps involved, we were sold on an easy craft that wouldn't have us sweating too much. Plus Dorrie is the Birthday Girl and as the rule goes, you really ought to listen to the Birthday Girl.

Good And Cheap Wedding Series: Sean and Stacy

Good And Cheap Wedding Series: Sean and Stacy

I've always wanted to do a series about inexpensive but great weddings and since it's a busy end of the week, I thought you'd appreciate getting to know a few more cool people. The following three days will feature three couples and how they had the day of their dreams without sticker shock.

The Happy Couple: Sean and Stacy
Location of Wedding: Popham Beach (Phippsburg, ME)
Date: October 11, 2003
Total Cost of Wedding: $9000 (eek!)
$150 ceremony
$2000 Maine Maritime Museum (reception)
$2000 plated meal
$1000 open bar
$500 band
$200 flowers
$75 car
$3000 honeymoon

Tell us about your wedding day. (How many people were there, what was the ceremony like, overall impressions, etc.)
The ceremony was at Popham Beach on a beautiful, unusually warm fall day in the late afternoon. It was a pretty informal setting - our friend officiating, the ceremony area was delineated from the rest of the beach with stones and seaweed, and we had to shout our vows to be heard over the ocean.

The ceremony itself was non-demonational and we drew from Native American readings and wedding blessings. Within minutes of the ceremony being over, a huge fog bank swept over the beach! So we have some pictures pre-fog and some in the fog.