This episode is all about setting a marketing goal for your business this year. Just pick one, you’ve got plenty of other things to do but we wanted to give options going into 2021!
  1. Create one recurring revenue product and do a campaign about it. Ideas include subscription boxes, memberships, cheese of the month, etc. The more fun you have with it, the more fun it will be to sell…. and buy. If you are in the Canton/Potsdam area of NY, check out our SBDC sponsored working groups coming up to address this very topic: (If you are another SBDC or similar group, reach out to us. We do all these remotely and they have been really interesting/appreciated by participants).
  2. Make at least one thing buyable online. Use a free standing form software ( or to sell gift certificates or a taco special.
  3. Take a look at your lowest traffic area to your website and see how you can improve it. For many small business websites I work with, 50-90% of their traffic will be search engine based. If yours is lower than this, work on that. This can either be in an ongoing way (ex: weekly blog) or several rounds of fixes (ex: Q1 decrease website load time by 1 second, Q2 write unique page titles and descriptions based on keyword research for all pages, etc.) If search engines aren’t your problem, maybe you want to use a social media website that drives traffic like Pinterest and find ways to better put your site on that platform. Maybe you see you only have 3 other websites sending you referral traffic and you want to increase that amount to 20 websites.
  4. Give yourself a plan for consistency on doing a marketing task. Do your email newsletters fail to go out because they are the last thing on your list? Hire someone to draft them. Do you not get your Facebook updates done because you get distracted? Install Newsfeed Eradicator on your computer ( Rather than beating yourself up for NOT doing something, try to figure out why and change that… and make that thing you want to happen consistently happen.
    For example, why are these videos at 9:15 on Tuesdays? Because I have a 7 am meeting and 8 am meeting consistently which often end a bit early, giving me time to prep. And since I’ve already gotten camera ready for two meetings, I might as well record. In short, that time works for ME which is why it gets done. Note: you might not figure out why at first; it might take changing a few things.
  5. Make a system for something marketingwise you do consistently. If you are staring at a blinking cursor every month to write an email newsletter, give yourself the gift of spelling out this task… from creating a template you always follow to documenting exactly how it’s done. Not only will you find ways to do this better but if you want to pass this off or improve it over time, it’ll be really easy to do now that you know how it’s being done. This could be an Asana project template (or Trello), a Google Doc, or a how to explainer video ( is my favorite thing ever).


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