Breaking Even Communications give workshops, seminars, and trainings about internet marketing and small business technology topics open to the public. Click here to sign up for our latest workshop!

For a more general orientation, below are some of our regular offerings:

Brunch and Learn at Anchorspace

Small groups, big ideas, lots of coffee.


We know how much you want to learn web stuff but online webinars lead by people who talk about how amazing they are the first 20 minutes are a drag. Stuff in the middle of the workday puts a crimp in your schedule. And day long workshops can make you want to cry and take a nap, at the same time, by 4 pm.
brunchandlearnOur solution? Monthly workshops in the morning tackling different tech topics. By 10 am (ie in two hours), you’ll have had a little snack and learned a lot. And we get right down to business, in the best way. Everyone leaves with a copy of the slides.

You can do this. And we’d love to help you learn a little faster and easier then we did.

Here’s our schedule.

We’ll cap enrollment at 8, making a nice small group so sign up now for any of these you want to attend! Cost is $25/person.

Adult Education

We work with local (and not so local) adult education departments to fill needs of student requests.

If you work in the state of Maine in adult education (or elsewhere and don’t mind paying our travel), contact us and we’ll happily partner with you on course offerings. 

Why Workshops?

Nicole Ouellette has a teaching certification. But instead of teaching high school students about atomic orbitals and how solar cells work, Nicole uses similar skills to give workshops about technology and internet topics like CMS websites (WordPress and Joomla), email marketing, social media, and more. Bonus is you won’t have to hide bad grades from your parents or serve detentions for talking during class.

Besides being useful in terms of information, people actually like coming to these workshops. Here’s what some people have said about attending these technology workshops:

“People were very grateful for the information you covered. Your presentation was clear, well organized and packed full of useful information. Thank you very much!” – Glenon Friedmann, Women Work and Community

“Educational, fun & informative – I loved your Social Media 101 class!” – Christina Hastings, Co-Owner of Acadia Hotel

“Nicole’s public speaking and instructional presentations are well prepared and charismatic, a good complement to her technical skills.” – Hugo Diaz, Mobile Web Developer

Technology training that won’t make you fall asleep or throw your computer out a window… really, it’s possible!

Aren’t we training ourselves out of a job?

The reality is in this business climate, some business owners and non-profits are looking at resources within their organization to get more work done. These resources are often employees who are interested in doing more but don’t have the necessary training.

Rather than signing up for a long term class, taking a free webinar with hundreds of other people, or having to read some ‘for dummies’ book, employers can send people to personalized trainings right here in Maine. Affordable professional development for you and your employees, saving time and money by doing it yourself, and having someone to contact in case you need help are all benefits to the businesses coming to these courses. Breaking Even Communications wants to help you do more, whether that’s doing it for you or showing you how.

We’re not training ourselves out of jobs, by getting more people interested in being online in Maine, we’re building capacity for our business too. See, we’re not that nice. *wink*

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