It Had to Be You: On Decision Making

It Had to Be You: On Decision Making

Shopping with me stresses people out. Pondering whether or not I should get this shirt, dress, jar of nutella, etc., inevitably develops into musings on how my entire life trajectory may be affected by the decision in question. Launching into a Butterfly Effect-esque...

Night Rider’s Lament Or Taking The Road Less Traveled

Anyone who has taken a difficult step away from what they are ‘supposed’ to do can’t say they’ve never doubted it. I am no exception.
There are periods of uncertainty I go through where I wonder if I’m doing the right thing.
I’ve been housesitting for a couple good friends this weekend and while walking through their neighborhood and seeing all the houses for sale today, I thought “Shouldn’t I be on the path towards this?” I mean, shouldn’t I have a house and maybe a husband and kids by now? Why am I using my nest egg to start a business that may or may not work?

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