Intro to Chatbots

Intro to Chatbots

If it’s the same whether you type it or a robot types it, does it really matter? This is a very *general* introduction to marketing chatbots, how to program them, and what some use cases are for small businesses. If you want a deeper dive next broadcast, leave a...

Weekly Online Twitter Chat: BudgetPulse, Breaking Even, and You

Friend and blogger Craig started a weekly personal finance chat on Twitter with BudgetPulse last week. He was looking for cohosts and since I like Craig and talking about money, I offered to be a part of it.
Each week, the topic is different with the undercurrent of money (sound familiar?). Tonight on the Weekly Personal Finance Chat, we’re talking about dating.
What does personal finance have to do with dating. More than you’d think: Who pays? Is it more expensive to be single or in a relationship? Basically all things love and money will be all over Twitter tonight, and if you have a Twitter account, you can be a part of it!

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