Gift Certificates

In the business world, buying a gift certificate online is a way of supporting that business while giving your gift recipient something a little more personal than a stack of cash. (From a technical standpoint, online gift certificate forms are cousins to online donation forms!)

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You want to give something personal and local. You don’t want to give your friend one more thing they have to store, clean around, or fit into their home. Why not consider a gift certificate from a local merchant?

Some common misconceptions about making gift cards available on your website:

Myth #1: You have to redesign your whole website. – We can often make a gift card payment form that links to the rest of your website without changing everything about it.
Myth #2: Credit card fees are expensive. – The payment processor we use charges 2.9% plus $0.30/transaction for all cards. This is very competitive. Payments sweep into your chosen bank account every two business days.
Myth #3: It’s expensive to maintain. – Other than updating the software running the form, the additional costs to your web hosting bill are often under $100/year to keep accepting secure payments on your website. (For you nerds, this is to purchase a dedicated IP and a secure certificate (SSL). If you already have these things, there will be no additions to your web hosting bill at all!)
Myth $4: Updating the software is hard. – It involves pressing a couple of buttons once a month. We can train anyone how to do it in about 10 minutes.
Myth $5: It’s expensive to set up. – While it does cost $1000 to have us set this up, once payment forms are functional on the website, we can easily add other forms that take payment in less than 30 minutes each. Want to sell event tickets? T-shirts? Calendars? Once this technology to accept payments via an online form is on your website, you can do plenty with it. Plus, you can continue to use this form in the months and years to come. Spread that $1000 cost over the next two to three years and you’ll make your investment back and then some!

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