Heard of tools that automatically generate content but not sure how to use them in your marketing? Want to learn more about how online marketing can work better for your business in 2023? Then this workshop is for you -recorded and ready for your learning and enjoyment!

(Here’s the first 25 minutes of it to give you a taste!)

Recorded And Ready

Get a comprehensive, small business view of AI, what’s now and next.

For All Businesses and Non-Profits

Whether you’re B2B, B2C, or a 501c3, you’ll learn useful tactics and tools.

Pay What You Want

Donate some amount you think the workshop is worth – that’s it!

This course will go over not only some of the AI tools available but a) practical use cases for small businesses and b) how they would fit into your overall marketing strategy. AI is a tool to save time but as you know, you need to tell it what to do. We'll help you boss those AIs around and reclaim some of your time on your more tedious marketing tasks (ex: rewriting tweets). Watching a bunch of videos about AI you'll see a lot of the whiz-bang cool features but might be left wondering 'Well what am I supposed to do with this information?'

You don't actually. We did this course 'pay what you can' for a couple of reasons.

First off, a lot of people flake when the workshop is free and since this is something we want feedback on, we'd like to know that a certain amount of people will attend live and ask good questions.
Second of all, think back to the last free workshop you attended and approximate the percentage of time they spent selling you something. From my marketing reaction videos, it seems to be somewhere between 15-30% of the total workshop time. I want to get right into useful content and not spend a bunch of time selling you something.

If you don't have money, please don't pay anything. I will not shame you, name you, or otherwise defame you for having a hard time in this economy. At the same time, if you can and want to, you can contribute to the time spent on making this available to you. My friend Joy said $15 was a good suggested price and that is why it is just that, suggested. 🙂

What I like about AI is you still get to be the idea person. These tools and strategies help you improve, repurpose, and reuse content as well as improve workflows within your business.

For example, I can edit 2-4 videos per hour of content. Let's say I use AI to make 2-4 videos a week in 30 minutes, I am now working twice as fast. (Note: at first it might be slower as I learn to do it differently but over time it won't be.)

I will say this class will save the average business owner and marketer between 2 and 4 hours a week in time creating marketing, which definitely adds up over the course of one year!

Everyone who signs up will get sent the recording! But would love some people to be live for Q and A and feedback too. If you already have plans or your time zone makes this impossible though, I understand.

The Instructor

Nicole Ouellette owns Breaking Even Communications, a web development and marketing company that opened its doors in 2008 and now has a team of four employees. Nicole has had her hand in around 500 websites and there are over 300 clients on the Quickbooks roster. A former certified high school teacher, Nicole has an educational background and expertise that compliments her tech skills. 

Why is this ‘free’?

You have probably noticed we’re in the middle of a recession right now… and we don’t want that to prevent you from learning about marketing and in particular the great automation tools that are coming online to save you time and effort. And if you like us, maybe we can work together! 

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