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Systems 101: Why You Need Them (And How You’re Already Using Them Anyway)

When I think systems, I think people wearing suits, being filmed in high power meetings in conference rooms, smiling their capped teeth at the camera. Truth is, we are all already using systems whether we want to or not. A system is a process for doing something. You have a system for checking and responding …

When Someone Else’s Kid Is Sick

A little over a week ago, my sister gave birth to what we all thought was a healthy baby boy named Drew. He was very cute and soon, I saw pictures of friends and family members taking their turns holding him over my Facebook newsfeed, which you expect with a Facebook friend has a new …

Fun Friday: How’s Business?

Sometimes on Fridays, I write about what I feel like. Because I can. :^) “Hey, how’s business?” people ask me. How I feel about this question is probably what every high school senior feels when they’re asked “So what are you doing next year?” I get that the question is coming from a good place …

How To Schmooze

I once got in trouble for using the word ‘schmooze’ in a work email. The person who saw it thought I meant it as derogatory. To the contrary, socializing with a purpose is something I actually like to do. I once talked to a French woman in a restaurant en fran├žais for two hours about …

Friday The Thirteenth

Friday, August 13. For me, it will always be the day I almost died.

It was 1993 and I was 12 years old, having one of those summers spent almost entirely in the water. I had biked to the town pool only to find it was closed for maintenance. Remembering that my mother was leaving the house, I biked home fast before I was shut out for the afternoon. I remembered looking both ways before crossing the street but clearly I didn’t. I saw red and then it was dark. (Years later, I found out it was a red pickup that hit me when I was telling my mom I had felt uncomfortable sitting in someone’s truck and I didn’t know why. Yup it was a red truck!)

I don’t remember any pain but it was dark and I couldn’t move or open my eyes. I remember hearing people talk all around me and not being able to say anything. I was trapped in my body.

I spent three days in the hospital. I don’t remember much but I remember my family being around and that I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I remember trying repeatedly to make it through a half hour long television show or a chapter in a book but getting a headache before I could finish. I had a concussion. I had an MRI or maybe a CAT scan which I slept through. Overall, I was sleepy and a bit sick to my stomach.

The day I was supposed to go home, I had a seizure. It felt like some big invisible hands were holding me down and pushing my head backward. I tried to mentally overpower it, or at least say something to calm people around me down, but I was trapped in my body again.