Website Maintenance

There is always more to do on a website, isn’t there? Some items include:

  • Changing out visual elements like slides in a slideshow to keep your website from looking stale
  • Posting new content on your blog (maybe you’ve even written it but getting it online is overwhelming)
  • Adding unique titles/descriptions to your pages to help with search engine ranking
  • Updating your hours, staff page, etc. with new information
  • Realizing one page of your website is loading slow and finding and fixing the culprit
  • Interpreting your Google Analytics data and acting on what you see
  • More!

We build websites so people don’t need us to maintain them. But as someone once said to us ‘Yes, I know I can maintain my own site but I like emailing you guys and knowing it will get taken care of.’

BEC can not only maintain your website but make sure it gets better with time, is current for your visitors, and deters potential hackers.