Tech Thursday: An Introduction to SSL

Online security is a pretty important issue, especially if your website accepts any sort of information from customers. If you have an online store that accepts payment information, or even if you just have a contact form with names and addresses, you want to keep that locked down.

Having SSL on your website is a great way to protect your website AND your customers. Your site has an extra layer of protection, and people will trust you with their information. Win/win, right?

But what is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer (and doesn’t sound super exciting, but we did try to make this fun!). Google has prioritized security in its rankings, and let’s face it- if Google thinks it’s important, then the rest of us probably should, too.

Let us know if you have any other Tech Thursday questions!



Kassandra Strout
Kassie is a distance runner and a distance reader really. She lives in Ellsworth Maine and, while she might be quiet when you meet her, will throw out something witty when you least expect it.

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