Donation Forms: A PSA (Part 1 of Many)

This series was inspired by Quarter Life Poetry and my fascination with Microsoft Paint. There are all kinds of excuses why people aren’t making online donations and, as the appeals letters, commercials, and annual asks roll in during the most generous time of the year, we like to think of this series as your public service announcement to get your cause (or your favorite non-profit) a donation form on your own website. More information here! 

Part One: I never have envelopes, so sometimes I have to whimsically make them. And it doesn’t go well (think kindergarten craft project, but it’s not as cute when you’re a 20-something). Most of the time, I have a book of stamps lying around my desk. That is, until this past spring when I accidentally mailed my stamps along with a letter and had to go into the post office to mail the letter (a week later than intended). In other words, this poem is silly but has a foundation in reality.

Stay tuned next week for another reason you need to take the hassle out of donations with an online form.




Kassandra Strout
Kassie is a distance runner and a distance reader really. She lives in Ellsworth Maine and, while she might be quiet when you meet her, will throw out something witty when you least expect it.

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