Gidget the dog and Zion the cat. We didn't put them like this.

Gidget the dog and Zion the cat. We didn’t put them like this.

Because I am blogging everyday for a month (to think I blogged daily for almost three years!), I am going to write about topics that aren’t necessarily all about marketing and websites. And that’s ok with me if it’s ok with you.

You might know from reading this blog or knowing me that I have a dog. I got her two years ago (almost three now). A few things that I knew about her (ie the only things I knew about her at the time):

1) She lived in Savannah Georgia (which explained her reaction to snow the first time).
2) She was about three years old.
3) She should never be in a home with kids or cats.

For awhile, Gidget was content being the only animal in my life. We had a lazy existence with an occasional walk.

When I met Derrick and learned he had a cat, I was nervous. How was this going to go? Would Gidget eat Zion? Would Zion slash Gidget? But most importantly, would this animal dislike be an ongoing source of frustration between Derrick and I?

When Derrick had me over for dinner that first night, I brought Gidget in. After her weirdness with the tile floor (she has a few other quirks the shelter didn’t tell me about), she met the cat. Zion is a 12 pound Maine Coon cat who was formerly living on the mean streets of Northeast Harbor when Derrick met him. Being large and fluffy, he looked about Gidget’s size.  How would this go?

Zion rubbed up on her head and they’ve been best friends ever since.

The two unlikely friends share  Gidget’s dog beds. Zion eats extra messy on his small perch so Gidget can grab a few extra crumbs. They play with each other just about every day.

I was at Jordan’s Restaurant (a local diner) with Alice and Jen telling them about this. Jen knew our waitress, a fellow corgi owner, and told her that I had a corgi mix.

“Does your corgi have a cat?” the waitress asked without even missing a beat. She had not heard the previous conversation.

Apparently, Corgi’s don’t like other dogs much but can bond with cats. Maine Coon cats are similar.

“My friend has four Corgis and every one of them has a cat.” the waitress told us.

“My corgi does have a cat!” I told her proudly.

And so it was settled. All this time, Gidget needed a cat, and Zion needed a dog.

Sometimes I joke with Derrick that I want to start a Corgi and Maine Coon cat rescue where you’d adopt the corresponding partner animal. To be honest, I am only kind of kidding.


My friend Leslie agrees with this cat/dog bonding phenomenon. “My miniature greyhound Bailey loves Zoey, her tiger cat.” Here’s a picture:

Further interspecies bonding!

Further interspecies bonding!