Those of you who’ve read the blog for awhile know that I teach adult ed to make a little extra money. I haven’t written about it in awhile because, well, there wasn’t anything to write about. Enrollment for my courses was too low for them to run the classes so I had lots of free nights the last few months.

I got an email earlier this week that the French class I offered to teach months ago has way more then enough people. The first class was tonight and I had the most people I’ve ever had in a course. A sudden interest in intermediate level French? I’d like to think so but I somehow doubt it.

Maine community colleges have had huge increases in applications and I’m sure if I compared numbers with other adult ed programs they would also be up. Less expensive professional development in a cruddy economy? Unemployed or underemployed people with time on their hands?

No matter, I admire the adults in my program. It takes a lot to work a full day and show up to learn something which is completely out of your element.

Are there training programs you’re farmiliar with seeing these increases in numbers? I’m curious if my French course is a fluke or a sign of the times…

Our first in-person workshop in 2+ years is happening September 24!