I’ve been reading ‘The Happiness Project’ for the past couple weeks and one of the small keys to happiness in it is ‘tackle a nagging task’. I added a bunch of these to my project management system and knocked them off the other day.

Hey I just checked in, and this is crazy, your venue has no address, so claim it maybe.One of my ‘finally done’ items was claiming Breaking Even Communications on Foursquare. Why else pay for this lovely office space, right?

Back in the day when you claimed your Foursquare venue (that’s what they call a business on Foursquare) you had two verification options:

1) Instantaneous (they called you with a code). Cost: $10
2) Wait for a postcard in the mail (the postcard has a code on it) which could take up to three weeks Cost: Free

So yesterday I was on Foursquare and now the instant verification costs $1. Works for me! So if you haven’t done this yet, go do it! :^)

Why You Should Claim Your Venue (Business On Foursquare)

Here are some of the benefits of claiming your venue:

  • Make sure your info is right including your business address, description, category, website URL, etc.
  • Leave tips or make specials for people who check in.
  • Leave tips on other business pages.
  • Post photos related to your business.
  • See data related to check-ins from individuals who visit your business (who came in, when, etc.)
  • Create events on Foursquare (individuals can do this too). Think of letting people check into the ‘Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner’ happening at your restaurant or ‘James McMurtry Concert’ at your theater.

How To Claim Your Venue (Business)

1) Find your business on Foursquare. Click on it to get to the most detailed info. (If you do not have a personal Foursquare account, you will be prompted to create one. Don’t worry, you don’t need to ever use it personally, you just need it to claim.)
2) Find the ‘claim’ link (see below).
3) Follow instructions.

Go to your business on Foursquare and look all the way down and right for the claim link.

Go to your business on Foursquare and look all the way down and right for the claim link.

Et puis voila, you are claimed!

Who Uses Foursquare Anyway?

In other words, for five minutes and $1, it really can be quite worth doing this small task. Foursquare users are a highly influential group of people:

  • Foursquare has 1.9 million users with 12,900 new users/day
  • 31% of mobile social media users use Foursquare
  • 2/3 of active Foursquare users post tips (mini reviews)
  • 80% of active Foursquare users have acted on another user’s tip

In other words, it’s a growing network where people are talking about businesses they visit. Sounds like a good place for any of us business owners!

Still hungry for more Foursquare? Here’s a great blog (unofficial but informative) all about it: http://aboutfoursquare.com/