Customized Trainings

If you did not find what you were looking for in our series of workshops, we can create a more advanced and focused training session one-on-one or for your group.

Would you like an overview on Google Analytics? Would you like a combination of how to manage your specific Facebook page and email list? Whether your requests are more general or specific, we can help.

Not sure what to expect from a custom seminar? Here are examples from previous requests:

Twitter in the Medical Field for EMHS

It’s hard enough to get everyone in the same room at the same time for a meeting, but when you have health care facilities spread out over an entire state, it can be even harder.

Before training: Individual health care facilities were maintaining their own Twitter accounts, without training or even a comprehensive policy.

Initiation: Shane Perry, Lead Innovation Communication Specialist of Eastern Medical Healthcare System, decided that getting everyone together for training would not only help with the day-to-day tasks of maintaining a Twitter account but also get everyone talking about how EMHS could be using this as a whole organization.

Training: The four hour training offered ideas and conversations covering not only the best Twitter practices but also a detailed look at how similar-sized medical facilities were (and weren’t) using the technology. At around $50/person attending, it was also a surprisingly affordable professional development opportunity.

After training: The EMHS team had the chance to start the conversation for a company-wide social media policy, which they are working on right now.

Social Media for Restaurants

Restaurant owners not only work non-office hours, they also aren’t often in front of their computers. They want to reach their customers through social media, but they are not sure how to do it correctly and effectively.

Before training: Restaurants were sporadically updating their Facebook pages and unsure of how to use it to bring in business.

Initiation: As an active business to consumer industry, some restaurants realized how important it is to get training how to use social media and manage as much of the activity as possible from their mobile devices.  These restaurants ranged from Ellsworth-based diner Sylvia’s Cafe to a Bar Harbor gastropub called McKay’s.

Training: This two hour presentation for restaurants who use Northcenter as a distributor specifically showed how to display menus on social media sites like Facebook, use location-based social media sites like Foursquare to incentivize customers to physically come in, and profile the demographics of most active users of major social networks.

After training: Individual businesses could better decide which sites to use to target their customers and gain insight on services, events and menu items. 

Internet Marketing for Artists

The Maine Craft Association is an active group of artists who not only offer shows where members can sell their wares but also offer professional development opportunities to their members.

Before training: Artists were busy producing their craft. Understanding that they could sell more using online tools like social media, they weren’t sure what information would be most useful, since they don’t produce on a mass scale and have very specific niche offerings.

Initiation: They wished to learn more about the opportunities existing online to grow their brand, sell their products, and market to their existing and potential customers.

Training: ‘Internet Marketing for Artists’ was a specific two-hour presentation using artists of many different mediums to show the concepts of social media marketing, building an email list, search engine optimization, and e-commerce development.

After training: One of the attendees was so moved, she set up an Internet Marketing for Artists training for her group,  Island Arts Association, a Mount Desert Island based group of artists.