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MDI Ice Cream, the only solution to a day too hot to do anything beyond what you have to.

Three weeks ago, I had planned to make car bomb cupcakes from a recipe on Smitten Kitchen sent in by my friend Kate. I had not planned for it to be a million degrees outside (actually 90 F). Way too hot to bake, my friends… but who knew that it would get to be this hot in May?!

I know, heat and stress do wonders for my appearance. Salt caramel in a waffle cone? It is the only reason I am even posting this picture... look how happy I look!

Dorrie and I ended up attempting beaded necklaces for about an hour and, when it got too hot for that, we went and got ice cream and sat by the ocean until the sun went down.

Dorrie and I went to watch the sunset by the shore path near the ocean. In another context, this may have been romantic but in our case, relaxing.

Next Tuesday, we promise the originally planned for cupcakes and a wine tasting. Since we couldn’t stand the heat, we got out of the kitchen! Happy Tuesday!