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Jen, the crafting convert. She says she may actually wear this.Let me start off by saying that my real-life friend Jen is supportive about most things in my life. Two things she doesn’t usually do are 1) read this blog and 2) attend Too Cute Tuesday. “I just don’t like it,” she says. Of Too Cute Tuesday, not the blog.

When I told her we were making ribbon belts and it would be easy, she decided to come. She made not one but two crafts. “Hey, this is kind of fun.” Yeah, Jen, that’s why we do it! “You should put this on the blog.” she said, as she added a ribbon to my dog Gidget’s neck. Yup, that’s the idea…

So if you want a craft that 1) takes 15 minutes. and 2) will convert a skeptic, this is your week. Remember it doesn’t have to be a belt. I can be a bracelet or one of those luggage straps.

Ribbon (Enough to go around your waist plus a few inches for sewing error and/or future fluctuations
Needle and thread (we used white)
Loop things (if the hardware store doesn’t have D-rings… it’s near the bungee cords, ropes, and other items in the ‘holding stuff down on a car’ section)

Towards the end of the night, we all get silly and start putting ribbon belts on everything...

Gidget gets a ribbon collar from Jen. Note: Stapling is like sewing, only quicker.

Cocktail of the Night: Deck Fluff (make up by me): pink lemonade, vodka, triple sec, seltzer. Mix and say “Ah…”

1. Get ribbon at local craft store. At local hardware store, have an impossible time finding the D rings that Martha Stewart said you would. Buy the plastic tie things and hope it’ll look cute anyway.

2. Mix Deck Fluff and have friends arrive with pizza.

3. Measure length of ribbon you desire (for your belt or other wearable ribbon accessory) with a few extra inches. Sew one end of ribbon onto middle of plastic thingee. On the other end, fold overslightlyand stitch so it doesn’t fray in the future.

4. Done.

The plastic thingees were 30 cents each and the ribbon was 50 cents a yard. Less than a buck for a belt, collar, or anything else you would want to wrap in a ribbon. Now that’s what I call a bargain!

Here are the original, very exact instructions:http://www.marthastewart.com/article/ribbon-belt-and-bracelet

Aren’t we crafty… and slowly converting the masses?

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