I used to only start thinking (maybe more panicking) about my taxes Februraryish. But this year I’m being smarter and getting my ducks in a row now. How about you?

Tax Deductions for Business/Freelance Work

I just bought a new computer and some software which will definitely be writeoffs for me. Maybe some of your purchases could be writeoffs for you. It’s worth checking out the possibilities anyway:

Tax Toolkit For The Self Employed from Kiplingers

Put A Little More Money In Your Retirement Account

If you have some extra cash, might as well save some money for your future and not pay taxes on it. I doubt many of us have the problem of putting too much in but you might as well check. (Oh, and you can deduct education money too):

Retirement And Education Contribution Limits for 2009 from No Credit Needed

Donate To A Worthwhile Cause or Two

Non-profits are really hurting now but my budget remains the same. Why not give a little more if you can? I’ve got my list and am in the process of deciding amounts. There are some websites that will match contributions, which can help you maximize your gift:

Giving During The Holidays at Counting My Pennies

How to Stretch Your Charitable Contribution at Smart Money

Test-Drive Your Taxes

I like knowing what I’ll have to pay (or even better if I’m going to get money back). Here’s an article with a few “extra credit” things if you really want to get a jump on taxes:

Getting Your Taxes Ready Now at My Dollar Plan

And that’s the last you’ll hear from me about taxes, but I do hope you’ll take a little time now to think about them. It may save you a little money (or stress)!