Remember last week when I had the brilliant idea of offering a workshop with my friend Matt? Well turns out planning events takes, um, planning.

This week, I learned there’s always a little more to something than we expect there to be. Here’s what happened so far this week:

The workshop had multiple details to iron out.
First of all, Matt and I realized that neither of us have a projector. With this realization came more questions: Which projector do we buy? Are there any on CraigsList? What about people we know who might have one? Which one of us should buy it? You can see what I mean.

Then there was the whole “How are we going to accept payments?” issue. Which one of us is talking about what? What if people don’t have laptops? What’s the internet connection like at our venue? Oh, and what are we going to call this workshop anyway?

I keep telling myself that planning this first one will take the most work and that all workshops that follow will have these little details pre-ironed out. In the meantime, if you want have an up-and-running content management system website for $100 and three hours of your time, you should join us.

I finally organized the stack of business cards on my desk via my new Rolodex.
Yes, most of my contacts are within Gmail but for an internet business, I go to a surprising amount of in-person networking events. The design of people’s business cards helps me remember who people are and, for the moment anyway, these are items I want to keep. On the back of the cards, I write where I met the person and, while many of these people aren’t necessarily going to be my internet best friends, I might need to contact them in the future.

My Rolodex has made my pile disappear, and one of the few things in my life that’s just a bit old fashioned. Of course, since I’ve done this, I’ve found even more cards!

And finally, some fun numbers from Accountingland.
I had promised last week to post some of the more fun numbers from getting things together for my taxes. So here’s to 2009, when Breaking Even Communications went mostly full time in May and completely full time in October:

Income from blog advertising: $91.41
Income from BEC consulting work: $13,179

Business-related miles driven: 6,142
Money spent on advertising: $349.99
Money spent on web development (domain names, etc.): $586.73
Money spent on professional development (seminars, etc.): $675.45
Money spent on office supplies: $280.64
And much, much more…

I thought certain expenses wouldn’t concern me being that I was primarily online (office supplies?) but apparently not. You have to spend money to make money, and I think I’ve proved that.

There’s always more to something than meets the eye, and I guess that’s what makes running a business at the very least interesting. Hope your week is going well!

Our first in-person workshop in 2+ years is happening September 24!