We recently had a client ask us about a Facebook issue. She had noticed she was well above 800 fans and suddenly, within a couple days, she was below that number again. Note the drop in the graph:


Today we began investigating. Turns out, there was no ‘unlikes’ on the page during that time:


So what is going on? Well, it could be a few things:

1) Facebook could have cleaned out a bunch of fake users around this time.

2) Some of their fans could have closed their Facebook accounts.

In both these cases, rather than ‘unliking’, the number of likes would simply drop since those users disappeared.

Or 3) There could have been a slight algorithm change within Facebook, in which case, we would see a drop on other pages.

So we went on ours:


Yup, there was a drop! We went to another client’s:


Also a drop. I went on 10 pages and saw this drop on most of them (one of them showed no changes but I do see the client was running a paid ad campaign at that time so maybe we just didn’t notice numbers going down since likes were being actively generated).

So I just wanted to let you know if you noticed your numbers drop, you aren’t crazy. It seems like it was a bit of a thing.

Did you notice this on your page?