Tech Thursday: Online Storage, Toggl, and Beyond

Happy Tech Thursday!

As promised, we’re adding our new Google Hangout Tech Thursdays to the blog as we go (also, this format is a lot of fun so far)!

This week, we discuss online storage options (so, when the next version of iOS or what have you comes out, you aren’t deleting all your music and pictures off your phone like Kassie). Some options include Dropbox and Google Drive (which we use here at Breaking Even) and iCloud, if you’re only using Mac products. We also had a brief Throwback Thursday moment to Bates’ online storage system, Paris (lots of colleges have something similar).

Productivity and time management are always of interest to us, and we wanted to share our newest tool- Toggl. It makes everyone’s lives easier here, and we thought maybe others could benefit from it, too! (Plus, I just read this interesting piece from Seth Godin on Optimistic Time vs. Honest Time– which is why we love tools like Toggl).

Feel free to send us your questions/ideas for topics- we’d love to have them for next time!

Kassandra Strout
Kassie is a distance runner and a distance reader really. She lives in Ellsworth Maine and, while she might be quiet when you meet her, will throw out something witty when you least expect it.

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