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Too Cute Tuesday: Dip Candles

On the Too Cute Tuesday agenda for awhile has been candles and since molds cost money, we opted to dip as an economical alternative.

“This is fun!” Sue said. Well, that certainly is the point!

Nicole often gets excited about things that melt because she gets to be science-y again.

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Too Cute Tuesday: Magic Wallets

Instructions for this fabulous craft come from the book Magic Books and Paper Toys by Esther K. Smith. The book was sent to us by Potter Craft News. Thanks to them!

This Too Cute Tuesday was held in two locations for the first time ever.

Nicole was on the road but Dorrie and Sarah held down the fort in Bar Harbor. This occasion gave the crew a chance to try out Skyping since Sarah will be off to graduate school soon but plans on starting her own Too Cute Tuesday once in Saint Louis.  (Want to craft with us in real time? Join the Facebook page for info!)

Let’s just say they don’t call them ‘magic wallets’ for nothing! 

Dorrie's wallet, made out of a dog biscuit box. Too cute! 

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Too Cute Tuesday: Crazy Stuff With Plastic Bags

There's all these warnings about playing with plastic bags but we're getting wild here on Too Cute Tuesday and playing with them.

Tct-plasticbags3 I was talking to Sam about what we could make and she said something to the effect of "Well, we've got a lot of plastic bags." When life hands you lemons, right?

Did you know with six plastic bags, parchment paper, and an iron, you can turn your extra bags into a nice waterproof-y fabric that you can do all kinds of crazy stuff with. We're not rocket scientists but tonight, it's all about fusion…well, that and enchiladas.

Plastic bags (the thinner crappy kind works best)
Parchment or regular paper

Cocktail of the Day: Kahlua!

Tct-plasticbags2 1. Cut the bottoms and handles off your plastic bags.About six bags gives a good amount of coverage.

2. Pour yourself some homemade kahlua. Ahhh.

3. Preheat your iron on the "rayon" setting. In case you don't iron your rayon articles of clothing regularly, that's just a really low setting.

4. Put the bags between sheets of regular or parchment paper. Iron. Yes, it'll smell like it's melting because it is. (Sarah says it smells like an autoclave, you know, if that means anything to you.)This process is called fusion when you do it on purpose. Warning: Be sure if you have small animals you keep them away from hot items as they seem to be naturally drawn to them.

5.Be patient, the ironing process on low is a little slow.

6. After you have your plastic fabric, you can do lots of different things. The Too Cute Tuesday folks sure diversified:

Nicole made a little pouch for her digital camera by sewing up two sides of the fabric.

Sam made a small purse and incorporated a heart design from one of the bags.

Sarah cut strips and weaved the strips into a bag.

Recycling is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

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