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I Am Addicted To Wasting My Own Time

Every Friday, I write about whatever the heck I want… because it’s fun.

I pretend to hate video games… but I really don’t. I just stay away because I have no self control. Anyone who doubts this should watch me in the same room as a bag of Cap Cod kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips…


Oh right, yes, computer games. I may have never got past level three in Super Mario Brothers when I was a kid (or even now) but I did have some games that I was good enough at to actually enjoy.

I started off with Tetris on the Gameboy. That thing got passed around in our family so much, I am surprised it didn’t melt the year we got it.

Briefly in college, there was Snood. I had to uninstall it off my computer, the only time I’ve even had to uninstall anything.

I even went through a Spider Solitaire phase that was so intense, I would dream I was playing it all night. I had reached a point in my life where I had enough self control to just not let myself even open the program for a year. And I’ve gone the last few years being a pretty productive internet user…

You think I'm self disciplined, huh? You haven't seen me and Bejeweled together yet!

Then a few weeks ago, I met Bejeweled.

I love that when you break any game like this down into what it is, it sounds stupid: You try to get lines of the same jewel (at least three but ideally, four or five) in a row, then they explode and disappear. I feel embarrassed just saying it but it’s so fun!

At first, I was a casual user: playing it while waiting for someone to show up for dinner for example. Pretty soon though, I found I would lie in bed with my iTouch playing it until midnight.

So I gave it up for Lent. And my first big test will be in a few minutes when I get in a car as the passenger on a longish drive to Saddleback Mountain skiing. I guess I’ll *gasp* have to talk to my companions, undistracted by little jewels getting crushed together.

Here’s hoping your Friday is equally social… but, if you were going to have your attention and time stolen by something completely artificial, what’s your guilty pleasure?

Marketing Monday: Lil Wayne

Every Monday, I feature some cool marketing, be it something that a person, business, or organization is doing. Please tip me off if you have an idea of what the BE Blog could feature!

Lil Wayne, courtesy of NPR.

Except for listening to the rap/hip hop on occasion (usually while driving or on a treadmill), I hadn’t thought much about Lil Wayne until last week. The rapper was busted for having a concealed weapon, and while they had initially talked about him possibly going to jail for multiple years, it looks like he’s going there for a least one.

But this guy is no slacker. Here’s what Lil Wayne is doing right, post having done something wrong:

He recorded nine music videos in two days. According to a commenter on the NPR story, Elvis did the same thing before going into the Army.

He has twenty songs pre-recorded and ready to go. Yup, that’s an album’s worth. Sure, if some get leaked, he might have to think of more (the hype alone might be worth leaking a few on purpose) but all this groundwork is part of the plan. According to NPR:

“He has a label, Young Money Entertainment, that’s going to keep him front and center while he’s in jail. They are moving from their headquarters in New Orleans to New York, to be close to him while he’s at Rikers Island…His label has made every effort to make it seem like he isn’t gone while he’s actually gone. When he gets out, he may be bigger than he was when he left.”

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