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Marketing Monday: Sherry Stedt, Licensed Massage Therapy

Every Monday, I focus on a person or company doing something cool to promote themselves online. Know a rockin internet marketing campaign? Let me know about it!
A couple weeks ago, I decided to start my own business Facebook page. The same day, my friend Sherry (who happened to attend a talk I did about social media and who I went to high school with) decided to do the same thing for her massage business.
Sherry's business Facebook page is proof that all you have to do to get more fans is 1) Ask and 2) Put information people want on your page. Simple...really!
By the end of the day, I had some serious jealousy issues. I had 25 fans and she had… over 100. I figured I could be petty and sulky, or I could ask her what she did and how she’s planning on using it. Here’s our interview, appropriately over Facebook:

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Marketing Monday: American Express Open

Each Monday, I profile a person or company doing something cool online to promote themselves. If that’s you or someone you know, contact me. I love new ideas in internet marketing!

Maybe it was the television commercials with all the beautiful but also competent business owners or the fact that I’m completely fed up with my bank but I finally activated my American Express business card this weekend.

In straightening things out for my new accountant, I wanted to set up some recurring business charges and create a business only Paypal account on this new card.

I originally got this card because of the benefits (Cash back? Points for things I need? Cool!) but I realize my decision was made because of some subtle (or maybe not so subtle) things American Express has done to brand this whole Open concept.

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Why Your Friend Is Online All The Time

An Explanation From A Socially Needy Person

Every time I hear someone complaining about those people who change their Facebook status multiple times a day, I smile to myself. I smile because I have become that person.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t do this because I am bored or have no friends. I have a full life and real life friends. Really!

I would like to shed light on those people in your life who, like me, seem to reach out an awful lot online. Yes there are actual reasons for this behavior which I will from now on call ‘socially needy’.

Sometimes a lack of loin cloth, internet access, and my dog are what keeps me sane. I bet if Castaway Tom Hanks would have had Facebook, he would have updated his status more than I do.
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