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Marketing Monday: Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

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The human spirit is often most inspiring in the middle of terrible events. The earthquake in Haiti was certainly on everyone’s minds this past week. I was personally quite proud of the role that internet marketing and in particular social media played in not only raising awareness but fundraising around this tragedy. Here are a few ways that the internet moved efforts along:

Social media resulted in pressure to give.
I think we can all agree that sometimes, peer pressure can be good. In the case of the Haiti earthquake, on Friday afternoon, I felt like the only person on Twitter who hadn’t donated to the cause. And I felt guilty, which made me finally make my own donation.

In addition to regular media coverage, social media was able to bring up-to-date and user-generated information about the latest news in Haiti.

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Marketing Monday: Maine Maven

Know an individual or business doing something cool to promote themselves online? Let me know about it!

I first came across the Maine Maven site a couple years ago. It’s one of those blogs I subscribe to that’s kind of like a good old friend: no matter how long it’s been, I seem to be able to pick up right where I left off.

I was having a bit of writer’s blog when my Twitter friend MargaretsCards suggested I write about Maine Maven. Good idea!

The Maine Maven keeps things fresh and graphically pleasing with a periodically changing Maine related illustration. And that's just the beginning of the thoughtful design.

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This Week In Business: Eggs And Issues Edition

Nothing like coming home from a long weekend and not having the internet for a few days! It was a week of catching up here at Breaking Even Communications. Also, almost as if to drive me crazier, my computer hardware began failing me. First my printer, then my mouse, and finally my keyboard (well, the ‘5’ key) all bit it within 72 hours. Still, I managed to accomplish a few things this week.

Tweetdeck: the software with a dark background that's lighting up my life.
I installed Tweetdeck on my computer, and have been kicking myself for not doing it sooner.
To be fair, there is a lot of free software that I rely on almost daily: Google Reader, Feedburner, Joomla!, Wordpress… Somehow installing another piece of software to manage my social networking stuff seemed ridiculous.

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