Too Cute Tuesday: Dip Candles

On the Too Cute Tuesday agenda for awhile has been candles and since molds cost money, we opted to dip as an economical alternative.

“This is fun!” Sue said. Well, that certainly is the point!

Nicole often gets excited about things that melt because she gets to be science-y again.

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Too Cute Tuesday: Magic Wallets

Instructions for this fabulous craft come from the book Magic Books and Paper Toys by Esther K. Smith. The book was sent to us by Potter Craft News. Thanks to them!

This Too Cute Tuesday was held in two locations for the first time ever.

Nicole was on the road but Dorrie and Sarah held down the fort in Bar Harbor. This occasion gave the crew a chance to try out Skyping since Sarah will be off to graduate school soon but plans on starting her own Too Cute Tuesday once in Saint Louis.  (Want to craft with us in real time? Join the Facebook page for info!)

Let’s just say they don’t call them ‘magic wallets’ for nothing! 

Dorrie's wallet, made out of a dog biscuit box. Too cute! 

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Too Cute Tuesday: Crazy Stuff With Plastic Bags

There's all these warnings about playing with plastic bags but we're getting wild here on Too Cute Tuesday and playing with them.

Tct-plasticbags3 I was talking to Sam about what we could make and she said something to the effect of "Well, we've got a lot of plastic bags." When life hands you lemons, right?

Did you know with six plastic bags, parchment paper, and an iron, you can turn your extra bags into a nice waterproof-y fabric that you can do all kinds of crazy stuff with. We're not rocket scientists but tonight, it's all about fusion…well, that and enchiladas.

Plastic bags (the thinner crappy kind works best)
Parchment or regular paper

Cocktail of the Day: Kahlua!

Tct-plasticbags2 1. Cut the bottoms and handles off your plastic bags.About six bags gives a good amount of coverage.

2. Pour yourself some homemade kahlua. Ahhh.

3. Preheat your iron on the "rayon" setting. In case you don't iron your rayon articles of clothing regularly, that's just a really low setting.

4. Put the bags between sheets of regular or parchment paper. Iron. Yes, it'll smell like it's melting because it is. (Sarah says it smells like an autoclave, you know, if that means anything to you.)This process is called fusion when you do it on purpose. Warning: Be sure if you have small animals you keep them away from hot items as they seem to be naturally drawn to them.

5.Be patient, the ironing process on low is a little slow.

6. After you have your plastic fabric, you can do lots of different things. The Too Cute Tuesday folks sure diversified:

Nicole made a little pouch for her digital camera by sewing up two sides of the fabric.

Sam made a small purse and incorporated a heart design from one of the bags.

Sarah cut strips and weaved the strips into a bag.

Recycling is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

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Too Cute Tuesday: Bubble Earrings

My mother and I coined our infamous "Pff! I can make that!" expression when we saw these earrings. We had seen them together then I had went back to college. A few weeks later, in with the care package my mom had sent little magnets with cute little tiny pictures inspired by the earrings. (She thought they may be too big for earrings.)

IMG_2439 We have not turned back since and we have often bought something only to take it home and see if we can make it. I remembered these earrings last week and thought it was a sweet little idea for Too Cute Tuesday. It was just Sarah and I tonight but it was safe to say a good time was had by all!

Clear aquarium rocks (get ones that are flat on one side)- $2 for a bag of 100 or so
Earring posts- $2 for a bag of 20 pairs
Modge Podge or Elmer's Glue
Magazines (to cut up for artwork)
Scissors or exacto knife
*Any strong glue to attach the metal earring posts to plastic…Modge Podge can work too (see procedure)

Cocktail of the day: Cranberry juice and vodka. I do feel like I'm coming down with a cold and this seems healthy!

1. Look through magazines and find cool artwork that looks nice behind the clear rock. I went for small magazine icons and letters (in my case "n" and "o") and Sarah used some vintage book artwork for a more antique-y look. Classy!

IMG_2450 2. Cut out with scissors or an exacto knife the circle around the design.

3. Fix juice cocktail to help combat the virus you may be catching.

4. Use Modge Podge to adhere the cutout to the flat part of the aquarium rock. Let dry. Find out the Real Housewives of Orange County are on television.

5. Once dry, set the earring posts on the back of the earring towards the top of where the earring will attach. (If you put the post in the middle of the circle, there can be a bit of a dangling off your ear situation.) Hint: Glue gun glue is not suitable for this (it comes right off the earring post after it dries) but if you squeeze on a layer of Modge Podge on top of the post and let it dry a really long time that seems to work. You can also use glue suitable for metals, like crazy glue.

IMG_2446 6. While waiting for Modge Podge to dry, sip cocktail and get engrossed in bad reality television and hanging out with your friend. Realize it's almost betime and the Modge Podge is still drying on the post. Decide to let the glue for the posts finish drying overnight so you can come back to pick up the craft.

Earrings not your thing? You can make these into magnets by sticking some magnetic tape behind them! Wow! What a fun and versatile craft… we're so crafty!



Too Cute Tuesday: The No-Knit Scarf

I always get ambitious about knitting but don't often finish my projects. The problem is that I'm not a good enough knitter to have consistent stitches but not a bad enough knitter to not attempt, which results in mediocre projects I never get excited about. So I have balls of yarn but don't want to knit with them.

Tct-scarfknottingn Dorrie found this no-knit scarf courtesy of Martha so we gathered our unused yarn and gave it a shot.

Yarn (Thicker yarn will make the project come out better but you can use two or three strands of thinner yarn together as well.)

Cocktail of the Day: Lemontini (cocktail mix with vodka and water)

1. If you are in the market for good yarn, I hear that Vanna White not only turns the letters at Wheel of Fortune but actually has a line of not ugly yarn. I haven't yet verified this but the rumor is from a reliable source. Alternatively to buying, find two balls of yarn you've been meaning to use forever and head to Craft Central.

Tct-scarfknottingn (4) 2. Cut 12 long lengths of the yarn you'll use. (I did two of my arm spans for easy measurement). Remember with knots that your scarf will end up shorter. The directions recommend making the strands 1 1/2 times longer then you want your finished scarf.

3. Square knot three strands together, leaving about 6 inches of fridge. Do this four times so that with the twelve strands you make four bundles. If you don't know how to do a square knot have a new friend show you how to do it. Feel smart for learning a knot. Eat jambalaya and ice cream as break.

4. Make cocktail since you no longer need to use sharp objects (ie scissors).

5. Now it's the knotting part! Tape down your ends (like you old school people used to do when you made friendship bracelets, or saftey pin if you prefer!) Tie the middle two bunches together in a square knot. Then tie the middle ones to each of the outside ones in square knots. Then go to the middle again. Repeat the pattern. (See the photos if you have no idea what I'm talking about—the green one is Dorrie's and the pink one is mine in case you are curious)

6. At the end cut the fringe on the side you are finishing to match the initial fringe. It may look a little odd in the pictures but as you can see with Sadie, it is really quite cute on!

Tct-scarfknottingn (5)  Aren't you crafty?

Too Cute Tuesday: Embroidery with Tattoo Your Towels

I started TCT on Monday, thinking this project may take a little longer then one night. Then life threw a wrench in my plans.

It's been a busy week (and will only get busier) so I decided to rely on a kit I've been meaning to use for awhile.

Fabric, in my case four identical squares to serve as napkins one day
Tattoo Your Towels kit from Sublime stitching (less then $4 on their website)
Embroidery floss (raid your old friendship bracelet kit, or I found a pack of 104 colors for less then $10 online)
Embroidery hoop (optional)

Cocktail of the Day: Whiskey and Hot Chocolate, my winter standby

1. Cut your fabric into equal squares. (A napkin set with a different design in matching colors on each one? what a cute gift!) Hint: A full size dinner napkin is 20". Oddly some people can't sleep at night when they ask themselves these burning questions. Think that some people are weird. Have the thought that you are probably weird too.

Embroidery 2. Plug in iron and put on hottest setting. Heat up hot chocolate while iron heats.

3. Cut out the design you want from your kit and position on fabric (I put mine near a corner so you can see it when the napkin is folded). Iron (do not use steam!). Move iron gently so as not to move around the design.

4. Lift paper gently. See how cute the transfer is. Get excited.

5. Cue up "Lipstick Jungle" on and get out your embroidering supplies. You are going to have a relaxing evening of embroidery followed by blogging.

6. When your computer dies, stress out. Kick yourself for not blogging earlier. Call mom to calm you down. Realize your new computer is only coming in on Thursday. Panic some more.

7. Decide this is the universe's way of telling you to relax. Hook up your headset to your cell phone and call a friend.

8. Put fabric in embroidery hoop. If you aren't using one, just be careful not to sew two sides of your fabric together. Follow the lines of the transfer using a straight stitch, periodically switching colors. (Tip: Since this is a napkin, keep your stitching in the back as clean as it is on the front.)

8a.Talk to friend on phone. Talk and laugh and realize not blogging for a couple days is not a big deal and that you can post during your lunch break.

9. Sip hot chocolate when embroidery is mostly done. Realize the combination of whiskey and talking to friends and family have completely relaxed you. Too Cute Tuesday on Monday can be fun!

Image: Do you see the little birdy? He's almost done… A photo of the finished product will be posted soon!

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