Too Cute Tuesday: Etched Beer Mugs

Christy made a mug tribute to her kitten Doodle. We doubt he's old enough to appreciate it... perhaps when he's older he will be flattered.

The owners at the inn were cleaning out their kitchen when they found 6 beer mugs they never use, and offered them to me.

Yeah, one more piece of glassware in my three cabinet kitchen, right? That’s what I also thought… initially.

But then immediately after, I realized oh what fun we could have at Too Cute Tuesday with our own personalized mugs!

A quick internet search proved that etching is actually relatively easy, you know, if you do it the lazy way!

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Too Cute Tuesday: Batik T-shirts

What do you get when you mix tea dying with wax? Apparently batik.

Dorrie did some batik-ing back in her elementary days. “We made purses.” she said.

“What did the boys make?” I asked, since I am always that difficult friend.

“Man purses.” she said. After a pause, “Well, they gave it to their moms or whatever!”

Had those poor boys known that can batik any fabric they want, we may have more enthusiastic male fabric printers in this world. You know, or not.

This is what happens when you tell batiking girls to look cute mid-soak.

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Too Cute Tuesday: No Sew Bag Reprise

Sam used some cool fabric she got at a yard sale, and now for a few dollars, has yet another method to hold onto Spaz.This week is another special Too Cute Tuesday. Both Sarah and Sue has visiting mothers who joined us in the fun. Kristy, who is Sarah’s replacement at her job, also came and hopefully will be a regular.

Tonight is Sarah’s last Tuesday, but we do hope she’ll Skype with us from Saint Louis! We thought a good note to go out on was a craft that Dorrie and I only did a long time ago, back when Too Cute Tuesday was gradually becoming a group event.

Interface (iron on stuff that makes fabric stiff)
Duct tape
Ribbon (go thick), for strap material (optional, you can also use additional fabric for this)

Cocktail of the Night: Box o White Wine (at $2.67 a quart, it is certainly economical!)

If you need actual directions, here is the original link.

1. Buy the box of wine at the grocery store. Have an exchange with your usual check out guy about being a classy lady. Stop at your local fabric store and buy facing/interface. Drop supplies off at Craft Central.

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Too Cute Tuesday: Six By Six Art

I was having breakfast with one of my Vinalhaven friends this past weekend. She is helping run the non-profit daycare on the island and they have an upcoming art auction. The format is 6″ by 6″ art pieces, anything goes. She made some mention on how they may not have enough art.

Enter Too Cute Tuesday, where we have more artists and creative energy then anyone can shake a stick at (you know, whatever that expression means!). Plus, how hard can it be to cover a 6″ by 6″ piece of board anyway?

Sarah fearlessly weilds an exacto knife and mixes media.

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Too Cute Tuesday: Seaglass Jewelry

For the second week in a row, my craft actually came out reasonably well. How happy am I!

This Too Cute Tuesday started off pretty stressful but it further proved of the power of crafting, good friends, and a bottle of Syrah.

Right before we were scheduled to head to Craft Central, Sadie decided to break out of the apartment while I was in the shower. I realized my mistake after a few quiet moments.

I put on clothes and walked the street with dog treats in my pocket and dripping hair, showing strangers Sadie’s picture. No one had seen her. I returned home after ten minutes and decided to call the police department.

“White and tan dog?”
“Burn on her tail?”
“Well one of the officers tried to pick her up…”

Oh crap. Sadie hates to be picked up. So, Sadie bit a police officer. Fan- freakin-tastic.

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Too Cute Tuesday: Grommeted Pillows

This week, Craft Central moved to a different location as Nicole was visiting her ancestral home of Fort Kent, Maine. Nicole’s Mom (also known as Karen) came up with the craft and cocktail and Nicole’s sister (also known as Michelle) was the grommet expert/picture taker for the event.

Nothing like drinking cocktails with your family and completing a houseware project at the same time!

Nicole and Nicole's mom holding up Nicole's mom's successful project. The best thing about moms? They let you hold up a project like you helped when all you did was walk in the room when the photo was taken.

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